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Bill Brier
Award-​winning Author of Mysteries and Thrillers
  • Author

    bill with easel
  • Racecar Driver

    about bll racecar track
hollywoodhigh.png Like his father,
Bill graduated From
Hollywood High school.
about bill dad moviecamera

Also like his father,
a Walt Disney cameraman,

about bill moviecamera Bill became a Walt Disney cameraman.
about bill incollege Went To college.
about bill thumbsup Ran a Hollywood
visual effects company.
about bill racecar Became a racecar driver.
about bill withbook And is now a mystery writer.
about bill clapboard Longing for the excitement of movie making,
Bill wrote, produced, directed — and acted in—
two book trailers.
about family chasing Bill lives with his wife,
dogs, and chickens in
Thousand Oaks, California.
about bill woman airplane

Early in his career, Bill won a date to Germany
with a famous actress. Bill’s too shy to
say her name, but if you ASK HIM he’ll show
you the video.

Bill is a member of Mystery Writers of America.

See Bill’s Full Bio